Rev. Janet Henshaw

Naturopathic health care has been a part of Janet’s life ever since she was a young girl.  For over 36 years, she has studied and worked with alternative health treatments for self-healing herself and others.  A work-related incident in 2004 forced her to seek answers for survival.  Out of 150 persons exposed to mustard gas poisoning, Janet is the only long-term survivor of the poisoning.  Because medical doctors could not stop the poisoning and all its consequences to her body systems, she was sent home to die with Leukemia.  Her healing was a tough journey that brought her up from despair and anger to health and healing.

As Janet researched for self-healing cures, she discovered the incredible value of detoxification.  With due diligence, she discovered an abundance of ways to detoxify the body of poisons, illness-creating pathogenic microorganisms, and heavy metals.  She found proven natural and technical methods to heal causes of symptoms created by compromised body systems and organs.  Janet has stared death in the face two times.  The last two were consequences of leukemia.  Her knowledge and applications enabled her to heal herself.  Now she is showing others how to self-heal.

Besides her personal journey, her professional journey led her to open a health and wellness center where she supported over 4,000 others with self-healing therapies.  After realizing the healing benefits for the past few years of Bishop Jim Humble’s MMS, Master Mineral Solution, Janet joined his Genesis II Church of Health & Healing.  In 2011, Janet became a Minister of Health and Dr. ofMMSby studying and field training with Bishop Humble in theDominican Republic.  She is now a certified trainer for the Church to teach and field train Health Ministers worldwide.

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Jim Humble is here now and with the help of Janet and Kerri will put one of his series of seminars including all 27 of his basic protocols for using MMS, CDS, and the other health products (sacraments) of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing.

The Genesis 2 Church brings health to mankind no matter what sickness one might have.  Come an learn how to bring health to all.

The Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing is a non-religious church formed to serve mankind.  Church members are encourage to go to other Churches for their worship needs.  There are now 360 Ministers of Health of our Church in more than 70 countries bringing health to all who are sick no matter what sickness they may have, for no cost.  We only as donations when the sick are again well.

Sign up now for the May 7-11th, 2012


5 comments on “Janet

  1. Bonjour Janet,

    Je suis francaise, je parle le francais uniquement, je suis interessee par le MMS et apprendre a fond.

    Evrivez moi svp des qu un stage est prevu en francais.

    MERCI beaucoup.

  2. Hello Janet,
    My name is Oya and I left a message for you this evening regarding the seminar.
    I am very interested in MMS and have used it for certain difficulties with good results. I have suffered from chronic fatigue syndrom and other ailments ie; fibromyalgia etc. I am interested to talk with you regarding the upcoming seminar,
    Thank you for your time,

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