The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing A Most Unusual Church

Spirituality is beyond definition by governments. It is the stuff of natural law, which is shaped by immortal forces and not by humankind. Statutes, constitutions and judicial rulings are created by humankind based on their best, but limited, understanding of how things work. Natural law was here before we humans arrived and will be here long after we are gone. It cannot be governed by mortal minds. The Genesis II Church is unique, as it was formed for the purpose of serving mankind and not for the purpose of worship. Thus the religious beliefs of our members and of other churches are not our business.

Our beliefs are extremely simple; are universal concerning our services to mankind, and are explained below. We expect our members to attend their own church and maintain their own religious beliefs.  We offer no suggestions or dictates regarding this matter.

The Genesis II Church Created According to Natural Law

We are a congregation of humans who believe we have a spiritual mission to save mankind. We are totally unique in that our spiritual vision does not have just one hero or heroine or even a limited group of heroes and heroines.  We are all totally responsible for mankind.

WE OF THE GENESIS II CHURCH BELIEVE IN • Doing good deeds • Good health for  all mankind • Doing what is right • Freedom for all mankind • Enlightening others with the truth

We are unique because we were formed to serve mankind. We are non-religious in nature because we serve mankind, as opposed to worshiping a deity. Many people believe that the word, “Church” can only be associated with Christians. This is the secular definition the world has given it since the first century. However, in reality the word “church” came from the Greek word, “ekklesia”, which means, “a called out assembly” or “an assembly called out for a specific purpose.”

Our Church is an assembly called out for the specific purpose of benefiting mankind and that is the reason we exist as a Church. We benefit mankind through our 5 beliefs given above and explained below. It has been repeated many times through the ages that “The Truth shall make you free”. We also believe that the truth can bring freedom to mankind. The Genesis II Church is a Church of action. In other words, we want the world to see us as, The Genesis II Church, an assembly of specifically-chosen people with a purpose, namely, to implement the 5 beliefs explained below.

Archbishop Jim Humble is here now and with the help of Bishop Janet  will put one of his series of seminars including all 27 of his basic protocols for using MMS, CDS, and the other health products (sacraments) of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing. 

The Genesis 2 Church brings health to mankind no matter what sickness one might have.  Come an learn how to bring health to all.

The Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing is a non-religious church formed to serve mankind.  Church members are encourage to go to other Churches for their worship needs.  There are now 435 Ministers of Health of our Church in more than 70 countries bringing health to all who are sick no matter what sickness they may have, for no cost.  We only as donations when the sick are again well.

Sign up now for the Sept 24th-28th


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  1. hello! I was interested in finding out if there will be an opportunity to receive IV treatment while there. Can you please advise? thank you.

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